Iowa CornSharks Basketball

Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.

                                                                                                   - John Wooden
Frequently Asked Questions

How often and where do they practice?
Practices will be scheduled by the head coach of the specific team, or by someone from the club in the event multiple teams practice at once. We would like to have each team practice at least twice a week. Practice facilities will be centrally located for the team at rented facilities.
How much does it cost and what does it pay for?
The price for each team will differ a bit depending on the schedule they play. Costs normally ranges from $600 to $1200. Total cost is divided by the number of players on the team. This pays for tournament fees, uniforms, coaching fees, gym rental fees and any membership fees/cards.
Can we play other in season school sports?
Yes. You would just need to be straight up from the beginning that you are involved in other activities. We always encourage our players to do school functions first and think of us as secondary. Sometimes there are conflicts but early communication makes this easy to deal with.
What if we can't make a tournament (player/guardian)?
If a player cannot make a tournament we would need to be informed ASAP. Known adjustments can be easily made if something is preplanned and communicated about. If there is something that happens all of a sudden we just need a quick courtesy call.

If a parent/guardian cannot make it to a tournament, you will need to arrange for another player’s parents or the coach to help transport and lodge your player as needed.
Do we have to pay everything up front/payment plans?
No. However there is a minimum deposit that will based of the percentage of the total cost of the program. Everything will be set up through an online account and you can pay through that. If you prefer to write a check or pay in cash that is acceptable. Individual payment plans can be set up with the program director. There will be a deadline for final payment.
How many players are on a team and what about playing time?
Generally we have 10 players on a team. We do not like taking more than this but would only do so for a fill-in who could only play a few tournaments, and we knew that we would be missing multiple players. Playing time is pretty even to a point. Everybody pays so everybody plays. Notice I said to a point. Let me explain. In pool play games we would normally play 3/4 of any game evened out. The last 1/4 of the game we would try and play the guys who give the team the best chance of winning by their previous performance or by the way they have played in that particular game. In tournament bracketed games we would alter that fraction to better have a chance to win that game. By winning that game gives us another game, so more playing time.
Who are the coaches and how will they coach?
Most of our in house coaches are or have been high school varsity coaches. Each has their own demeanor and passion about the game. We try and coach the kids to play together and win as a team. We try and stay level headed in the heat of battle. The most important thing is to remember that we are examples to the young men and women.
Do to COVID-19 Restrictions...​
There are a few changes and in the moment decisions that has and will be made for short and long term safety precautions. Please be aware that all players and parents must sign the new waiver with COVID-19 release. We hope and understand that everyone realizes the importance of all decisions made is always for the safety of everyone involved.
We will do more coaching during games and practices will be minimum depending on player and gym availability this year
Fees will be lower due to less tournaments but there still will be coaching fees and jersey rental fees
Unfortunately fees will be due ASAP because of the short turn around we have to get into all the tournaments this season.